Shortcuts Reference

Few Important Shortcuts

Ctrl/Cmd + I : Insert environment or other variables in a request.

Ctrl/Cmd + Enter : Sends currently select request

Ctrl/Cmd + S : Saves the project

Working with Projects

Shortcut Description
Ctrl/Cmd + N New Project
Ctrl/Cmd + O Open Project
Ctrl/Cmd + S Save Project

Running and Exporting Request(s)

Shortcut Description
Ctrl/Cmd + Enter Send Request
Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + Enter Send All Requests
Ctrl/Cmd + E Export Request
Short + Ctrl/Cmd + E Export All Requests

Working with HTTP Request

Shortcut Description
Ctrl/Cmd + I Insert Variable
Ctrl/Cmd + M Select HTTP Method
Ctrl/Cmd + L Select HTTP URL
Alt + D Select Description Tab
Alt + H Select Headers Tab
Alt + Q Select Queries Tab
Alt + F Select Form Params Tab
Alt + B Select Request Body Tab
Alt + M Select Mocked Response Tab
Last modified 31.01.2020: Updated docs (cb9c414)